Vixen Mixer Assembly and Testing

The Vixen Mixer is an eight-channel audio mixer dedicated to the Korg Volca family of audio synthesizers.  With our assistance, KVgear was able to do product assembly and audio functionality testing all under one roof.  The advantage that we had on this specific project was that we are not only fabricators, but also electronic music enthusiasts, so we know how a professional mixer should sound and feel. After helping on the first production run, we now continue to support KVgear with inventory, packaging, and engineering recommendations for future revisions.

Client: KVgear LLC
Skills: Enclosure Assembly, Audio Testing

“ChipKick came at the perfect time for us.  They provided electronics troubleshooting on early production units, as well as assembly and testing for our first few dozen Mixers shipped to customers.  It was convenient to have ChipKick provide all these services, instead of having to look for a team of different contractors.  I would go to ChipKick again in the future for my assembly and testing needs.” 
– Mike Rafferty,  Owner 

Above is a batch of Vixen Mixers being staged, ready for enclosure assembly and testing.

Above is the same batch of Vixen Mixers after assembly, ready to be shipped to customers.