Therapal Alpha Prototype

On the outside, the Therapal comes in a cute and cuddly form factor.  On the inside, it is a circuit which simulates the sounds and movements of a real animal.  This project involved taking an existing Arduino proof-of-concept prototype and turning it into a custom PCB.  This was a full turn-key design involving everything form the system architecture, to the PCB layout design, outsourced PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and thorough electrical as well as functional testing.  ChipKick innovated a unique algorithm in the firmware as well, and this was what allowed the Therapal’s haptic responses to feel so authentic to the users.

Client: Therapalz LLC
Skills: System Architecture, Capacitive Touch, ERM Motor Control, PCB Assembly, Enclosure Design, Firmware Development,  User Feedback Surveying   

This time-lapse shows the full PCB Assembly process for this project: applying solder paste with a stencil, placing components via a manual pick an place machine on the top side, reflowing the top side of the PCB in a reflow oven, placing components on the bottom side, reflowing the bottom side with a heat gun, and manually soldering all the through-hole components.


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