//AUG-SEP 2018

ShoeBoxOne “The Box” Design and Engineering

First, we researched existing designs already on the market.  Then, once we understood those designs, we generated a new schematic.  From there, we were able to source all the components into a BOM and calculate the cost of producing the first 100 units of this future product.  This production cost estimate accounted for the PCB cost, the peripheral electronics, assembly labor, and the testing labor required to bring those units to market. We also helped coordinate storage of the 100 units of the existing Box at mHUB.  Once the product was secure, ShoeBoxOne was able to load the Boxes up and deliver them to their customers. ShoeBoxOne is going strong and we’re confident about working with them to get their future product out on the streets! 

Skills: Electrical Architecture, Reverse Engineering, Production Cost Estimation, Logistics 

“We contracted ChipKick for work we had for electronic development.  The work included design schematic, and a thorough production cost estimate.  Recommendations provided for next steps were of high quality.  ChipKick was very professional in all communication and walked us through the entire project step by step.  Delivery was above what we expected and quality nothing less than exceptional.  We made the right choice in going to ChipKick for what we needed.  We plan to continue working with ChipKick in future endeavors.”

– Eddy Mejia, CEO 

Above is the existing design of The Box that is on sale.  The future product will expand on this design.    


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