Booster Box Alpha Prototype 

Before ChipKick started the project, an existing custom PCB prototype already existed.  We revamped it to create a module that not only could live inside the Booster Box, but that also had the technology to be used in multiple battery pack configurations and electrical transport applications.  The major hardware upgrades in this project included a microcontroller architecture, smart charging port, and a robust buck converter system.

Skills: Buck Converter Design, High Power Testing, Li-Ion Battery Testing, Firmware Architecture, PCB Layout Optimization, Enclosure Integration Assembly  

The Booster Box comes with a custom PCB designed by ChipKick, a lithium-ion battery pack, a battery management system (BMS) module, and a custom enclosure.  Features include dual USBA ports, a battery capacity display, an on/off push button, and a smart charging port.  The photo above shows the Booster Box energized and ready to roll!


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