Our Story

ChipKick was founded in the Fall of 2018, by Fedor Adarichev.  After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fedor started working at Burns & McDonnell, as a substation engineering consultant. During his time there, the company held its first ever business development competition, called Ignite in the Fall of 2016.  Fedor submitted a unique industrial IoT product for the competition, and together with his team of new hires from the Chicago office, went on to place as a finalist. Pitching his product idea on that stage was the eye-opening event that propelled him to search for a different career path in the start-up world. An opportunity finally presented itself in the Summer of 2017, at a Meetup networking event for UIUC start-ups.

That opportunity was a contract to develop an alpha prototype for Therapalz.   Seeing as he had experience building PCBs and robots at UIUC, he decided to take the dive into entrepreneurship.  Fedor and Therapalz agreed to develop the prototype at mHUB. Upon finishing that contract, Fedor discovered that the start-ups at mHUB had a demand for a multitude of different services.  He went on to sign contracts with Booster Box Labs, Terminal 54, NuCurrentKVgear, DisplayOne, SymGym, PedalCell, and IntuiTap.  With the entrepreneurs, contractors, equipment, and network all in one place, he realized he had all the necessary ingredients to take ChipKick live.